Case Study

Digital Transformation & Lead Generation Success of BSV

For over a century, the Bank of Southside Virginia (BSV) has been synonymous with community. However, its online presence was dated and not generating leads. We integrated SEO, content marketing, and strategic ad campaigns to enhance BSV's digital footprint and build a lead generation powerhouse. We're confident that the results below highlight the transformative impact of our value-focused, results-driven approach.


Search Engine Visibility

Search engine visibility is critical for your bank because it determines how easy it is for potential customers to find you online. If your bank's website appears high up in search results, it's more likely to be noticed by people looking for banking services. increased visibility enables potential customers to find your bank, learn about its services, and open an account.

Metric: Organic impressions up to 144.4K April 2023 from 15K October 2020 (+ 963%)

BSV Organic Impressions (1)

Google Search Rankings

Being ranked high in Google Search is like having your community bank placed at the top of a list. When people in your local area search for banking services, your bank will be among the first they see. This increases the likelihood of attracting new customers and contributes to your reputation in the community.

Metric: First page keywords increased to 219 in July 2023 from zero August 2021

BSV Keywords (1)

Organic Channel Growth

Attract more customers naturally without additional advertising costs.

Metric: Organic grown to the 2nd biggest channel behind Direct

Organic Traffic (4)

Google Ads Click Rate

Gain a larger audience, and convert more potential customers into loyal clients.

Metric: Boosted click rate to 27.3% in July 2023 from 10.4% January 2021 (+ 263%)

Google Ads CTR (2)

Campaign Automation & Optimization

After supporting a full HubSpot integration, we launched BSV’s first lead generation campaign in October 2022, focused on driving home construction loans. We were thrilled to surpass our 3-month goals by end of Month 2.


MQL Goal: 90

MQL Actual: 117


SQL Goal: 10

SQL Actual: 20

Copy of Organic Traffic

While lacking the ability to attribute loans to a single channel, BSV believes this campaign significantly contributed these successful closings.