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Branch Specific Location Pages Lead to 151.6% Boost in Clicks for BSV in High-Value Searches

Overview: The Bank of Southside Virginia was not showing up regularly for searches for banks in their communities. Often national banks with the nearest branch much farther away than the closest BSV branch would rank higher.

Challenge: Partnering with BSV, we needed to significantly increase high-qualified traffic to the site ASAP.

We believe a search for 'Banks Near Me' should lead to a community bank.

Within 90-Days of Launch


Impressions Increase*

*High-value searches not containing BSV name


Clicks Increase

For keywords containing 'near me'.


Entire Organic Site Traffic

Average monthly traffic driven by branch specific location pages since implementation

BSV is Legit Local. We Just Helped Google Catch On.

Hypothesis:  Like many community banks, BSV only had a single locations page that listed all branches in aggregate. We knew Google tended to better rewarded local businesses with dedicated pages for each location. If we built dedicated pages for each location, we believed BSV could see big gains in geo-related searches, and thereby high-quality traffic.

Outcome: Check out the results above. BSV was thrilled, as were we. We enjoyed seeing a bank that served its local communities for over a century get the digital it so richly deserves.


Since 2016, DIGI CONVO has been building winning marketing machines for brands and businesses nationally with a focus in the Virginia area. Driving growth for community banks has been our sweet spot.  We’ve fine-tuned and tested our process over the years to create unique, high-quality strategies that utilize SEO, social media, and content creation to exceed your business goals.

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Project Highlights

Location Pages for Each Branch
Individual pages send trust signals to Google that your bank is indeed local. And you'll be rewarded in search results.
Qualified Local Traffic
BSV has seen a huge boost in qualified in-market leads.
Boosting Local Branches
BSV not only saw increased traffic online, but also foot traffic to branches.